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07' BMC TF02 - Need a new headset

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I currently have the FSA ZS-3 headset that came with the frame, but the top cap is too tall. I need to get my handle bars lower, but the cap is stopping me. I am looking into replacing the headset with another, but want to make sure that the one I am getting will work with my frame.

Will this one work?
Cane Creek ZS-3 Headset
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Thanks for the reply. =) I actually got the same headset as well from PricePoint and its installed.

Reason why I needed a lower stack was because I installed a Enduro Externalizer that slackens out the HA angle on the bike, but it raised the front end 15mm, and I could not lower the handlebars anymore to get that balance back that I had before, due to the high top cap.

All is well now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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