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07 66 ATA top cap help..

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I've damaged the top portion of the ATA cartridge in my 2007 66ATA. Won't bother getting in to the details of how but I'd admit it was my fault. It involved some drilling to fix in issue I accidentally caused when attempting to cure the auto wind down.

The cap now leeks air. Not from the air chamber but from the top section that screws in to the main part of the ATA cartridge. Air is getting in (and out) of the fork where the air valve goes though the cap. I tried to seal the gap with an o-ring. Helped a bit but is still sucking air. Fork feels really choppy now. Fine on big hits but high speed trail chatter is not a good time.

Can i get just the top threaded section of a ATA cart or do I need to order a full cart? I miss my smooth fork!


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