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Well here goes.......
Just thought I would give my impressions of 06 vs 07 Crossmax SL wheelset.
I ride a Ventana El Saltamontes with XTR build and have it built light at 27lb.
I ride single track with various rock gardens and corragations etc. I do not jump more than 2ft and are not into hucking. I am very much an aggressive XC rider at best.

First thing I did was pull the freehub off and check it out as I spent considerable time working on my 06 freehub to eliminate seal drag and getting it to run smooth. Finding the right lube was the trick for this.
New freehub is better in every respect. Pawls seem strengthed and seals have less friction.
07wheels are stiffer on my crude side by side test flexing while on bike.
The rim on 07 is slightly narrower and a 2.1 probably is the max to fit.
The ride (so far only two) just felt better. Now this may be novel value but they did feel stiffer and did feel lighter and faster. Front definite improvement in stiffness with wider bearing spacing.
Weight difference 147gm lighter.
At first did not like the 07 graphics but these have grown on me to the point I now prefer them after just a week.
Are the worth the upgrade??
Well because I got mine real cheap I would say yeas because now my wife has 06 Crossmax on her bike however if I had to pay retail to upgrade the answer would be no.
Also ride with guys on I9's and they love them. They seem to be extremely good with an amazing take up on the freehub.
I am getting the opportunity to ride a set of these so will post my thoughts compared to Crossmax 07.
BTW hit a lot of rocks tonight quite hard and the stood up really well.
Regards fromNew Zealand MTBing paradise!
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