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So, after much consideration and research, including some good insight here on MTBR, I went ahead and bought an 07 super to replace my 06. Here is a thread I started about 6weeks ago, when I was in the process, so it should give you some background...

"Superlight differences... discrepancies in press.." thread 5/5/07

"OK, i'm seriously considering moving from my 06 superlight to the 07 (as i think many are).
Why, really only a few reasons...
1. the cable routing, I have cut myself on the side mounted cable of the 06 more then once and the 07 are bottom mounted)
2. stiffness (not that i notice any excessive flex in my finesse riding style)
3. i love the clean look of the pivot through the frame instead of built out. that combined with the clean lines of the swingarm are pure and simple. (and simple is also key to me. it's a key as to why i went to a 9speed superlight when i needed gears after 5 years a single speed only guy)

4. I think i'd like to run 115mm fork to rake it out a bit, and i don't know if the 06 is approved for it.

so, all that said. i love my superlight. i built it just like i like it and as a 9speed, it's super quite, super clean and superlight (under 24lbs).

mostly, i love the handling. that is my biggest issue. the things above are great, but if the handling changes significantly, it may not work as well.

in the press, there is descrepancies, see quotes below:

"Whereas the old Superlight bike felt more like an upright, short wheelbase play bike, the new SL has an unmistakeably aggressive character"
"This means that while large was an essential for us on old SLs, we’d probably opt for a new medium and stick on a layback post." Mountain Bike Magazine (UK?)

"The original superlight may have a dedicated racing chasis, but it's replacement is far more capable for technical climbing and especially when descending." Mountain Bike Action (R. Cunningham)

If Richard cunningham is right, then it should be the bike for me.
On the other hand, i feel the 06 is a great technical playbike for a trailrider, who may also happen to race on occasion. The UK article seems to agree with that and think the 07 has a more racy character to the 06's play bike character.
It seems they are exactly the opposite impression...

Also, the UK mag talks about sizing changes, which throws me further. for a playbike, trailbike, maybe going to the M with a layback would maintian what i like about my 06...

So, any impressions out there to add to the data points?

after thinking i'd go to the new one with a 115 reba, i'm now leaning toward just keeping mine, as it's great and it's the known..."

So, with that background and a ibt more,
I owned a superlight back in '99, just before I went on a 5yr single speed kick. I then built up a Haro XLS 1x9 as my first geared bike back and had a Trance for a month as well in moment of high tech weakness. Then las summer, my sweet 06, which I love, but had small issues with.

NOW, to the present.

the 07 is sweet.
the look is much cleaner. as the simultaneous, build, rebuild was going on with the bikes in 2 stands, the tighter triangles and cleaner lines of the 07 are evident.
all XO 1x9
rock shox reba 115 fork
race face crank, and carbon riser bar 1.5in
stans olympic wheelset
WTB weirwolf 2.55 front and 2.4 mutano rear
thompson no setback post, wtb rocket seat
forula oro k24 brakes

i havn't weighed the new one, but with the beefy tires, I'm guessing 25lbs, and around 24 with XC tires.

setup was very similiar on 06, but xtr brakes, easton .75 bar, fox f100 fork. it weighed 24.25 with nevegals

My first impression before tweaks, tooo long. I was sure i had screwed up. as i had worried, it felt more racy and less playful. THEN, I changed the stem to a 80mmx 15 degree, moved the seat back on the rails and things started clicking.

I feel like the new one puts me in a better climbing position with the straight seatpost (while i had a layback on the old to create more room due to the short top tube), while still allowing good all mountain technical position with the short stem.

The balance is great, the front end carves as well or better, the additional rear tire clearance is appreciated and the clean top tube with nothing to catch my knees on it wonderful.

I like the extra fork clearance of the small head tube and having the 115 fork is a welcome addition (although I'm not sold on the rock shox yet. the tire clearance on that is poor, not near as good as the fox and the top of the travel is a bit sticky). Also, I thought the 07 would be slacker w/ the 115 fork, but they seem almost identical, and if anything the 06 may be a hair slacker head angle. that was surprising, but the handling works great.

So, it pedals better, feels a bit stiffer (altough i don't notice it alot since i have such light and flexy wheels) and handles as well while having less little nags. Also, I feel it will be a better long term option due to the stronger swingarm and replaceable derailer hanger, as well as the tighter front triangle.

I still love the 06 as my favorite bike of all time, which is why I didn't vere far off track, but to fix the small issues, get more long term durability and to be able to sell my 06 while it was still very new and cool, made since.

OTHER parts:
first impression of Formula says that the info on mtbr is correct. they seem great so far. i love the feel, but time will tell is they stay consistent and quiet. I couldn't go gold on my blk beauty, so i went k24 instead of Puro, but i'll change to puro pads and drop 25 grams of the extra k24vs puro weight and save money.

race face next riser, great bend, great feel. i like it better then the monkeylight lowrise.

x0, still best drivetrain ever. i just changed my ring and bashguard to the new race face crank arms and the xo rear works great. 33/34 is plenty easy gear and the extra clearance and lower noise of a shorter chain and short cage derailer are well worth the price of lacking another couple easier and harder gears... (this is a whole other discussion, but i can't more people havn't figured this 9speed thing out. with the positives vs negatives, it seems the perfect balance to me. i read the travis brown is racing it now and mark weir has ridden it on his nomads for a few years. maybe you have to have spent alot of time on an SS like travis, mark (and me), to realize that you don't need 27 gears on a geared bike, especially when you really only get like 15 different gear inches for all that hassal)

oh, and grabon foam grips, light and sweet. love em.

you can see the pics of the new and old on the last page of the "superlight love" thread.
the 07 is the all blk beauty, while the o6 was the gray w/ white fork

thanks again for the good information here and I hope this gives something worthwhile back to the community.



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