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I finally got around to changing the drivetrain on my 06 Slayer from a 9 speed to an 8 speed rear. I've been contemplating this since last summer. I found the 9 speed drivetrain was prone to shifting glitches and chainsuck problems when it was really muddy.

I finally came across an XT FD-739 8 speed bottom pull low clamp front derailleur, so I decided to do the switch. It's setup as a 22/32/bash at the front, and now has a 12-32T XTR rear 8 speed cassette. I have an 8 speed X7 right shifter mounted now and am using the X9 rear derailleur.

The front derailleur required a couple of small modifications to fit under the shock. The plastic cover that is held in place by the H/L limit screws had to go and I had to change the limit screws to set screws (I now have a pair of Avid V-brake levers without reach adjust :rolleyes: ). Now things just barely clear the shock in both the 22T and 32T rings but there is clearance.

Couldn't test ride it today but on the work stand it sure sails through the gears easily, and there's lots of clearance. The 8 speed XT front derailleur has a slightly shorter cage, so there's a bit of rub when it's in the granny at the front and out around the 3rd or 4th smallest cog, but it's much wider so there's less chain rub on the sides.


Clearance when in the granny gear (backlit)

Carbon Nut Cylinder Silver Synthetic rubber

Clearance when in the middle ring

Close-up Office equipment Macro photography Steel

Clearance in the granny ring.

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this might be a highjack but I have a question:

Saw your profile and you ride x/c and are from N.Van. I'm building a x/c ish hardtail and am trying to decide on the wheelset. Mavic 317 or 719. Had any expereince with any of these on the north shore? Thx.
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