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Hello everyone!

Well am about to get back into biking for the first time since I bought a Proflex 656 about 10yrs ago (and was stolen 9yrs ago haha)!

Am looking at the following bike: 06 Rockhopper Comp Disc. LBS is asking $1049 CDN for it, managed to get it down to $999 CDN + tax. Awesome bike for sure since it has everything I'd like to have.

However... it's a little more than I first intended to spend. Until today I was considering one of the following:

05 Rockhopper Comp ($649 CDN)
05 Hardrock Pro Disc ($649 CDN)

I like the 05 RH Comp but don't like the front shock. I know it's easy enough to swap out, but then by the time I add something decent I am close to the price of the 06 RH Comp Disc (and then have disc brakes too which the 05 RH Comp doesn't have).

The 05 HR PD has a nice package for a good price... but I hear mixed things about it.

I've taken all 3 of the bikes for a little ride and they all feel comfortable. The RH's feel lighter of course, but I am 250lbs so saving a few pounds isn't critical to me ;)

Main use of the bike will be to ride it daily for exercise/fun - pavement, dirt roads, bike trails... then on weekends to take it to the hills/mountains for a little more fun. Nothing too crazy... yet anyways. Maybe once I get better at riding and drop some weight I will consider a little more aggressive riding.

Was hoping to get some advice from someone that has experience with both the RH and HR bikes - want to make sure it's worth the extra $350 to do the upgrade.

Component-wise... the HR Pro Disc and RH Comp Disc seem to be fairly close... RH has nicer fork and frame of course though.

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the long first post :)

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Well, unless you are replacing the fork, the Tora on the RH Comp Disk might give you the best performance, enough to justify the price i think.

Its what i am probably buying when i get the money (unless a lot of money comes my way for like a chameleon :)
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