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06 IH yakuza info

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Hi all, I just recently got an 06 yakuza sohon bucho. Everything I have read about this frame tells me that it has an 83mm BB, but when I got the frame I measured the BB out to 73mm. The frame also does not have welded on ISCG tabs, so my question is do I need some kind of spacers and ISCG mounting plate to run a 83m BB and crank? Or can I run a 73mm BB w/ an ISCG mounting plate? Sorry for the strange question I never had a frame w/o built in ISCG tabs. Also does anyone know the chain line for this bike and what the rear wheel is supposed to dished to? Thanks.

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usually one can find something on the web, but I cannot find a single thing. IH has gone out of business, all I can suggest is to try to find an LBS that has carried IH in the past and see if there's a local mechanic that knows the subtle details you need.

the IH site has nothing on BB nor chain lines for any bikes, and this is the only other source, also not a help unfortunately:

Good luck, Jim
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