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does the RD hanger have a slight natural curve to it, or has it bent? On a quick local ride today, I gouled the rear derauiller. Almost every ride this year, I have sucked up a stick in my X9.

This one was a dousey, mauled the derauiller, and broke the hanger bolt. My local shop never had any spare hangers or bolts in stock, so...I don't have any.Naturally, everyone is closed for the long holiday weekend.

Looks like a big road ride instead of an epic off road adventure.

Amyway, does the hanger have a curve to it?

Thanks, and have a great weekend

ps. it was a very sweet, albiet muddy local ride, felt very strong, absolutely georgous day. Bike broke in this magical wooded section where the canopy lets such beautiful light in to the singletrack below. Good with the bad you know
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