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I absolutely love my Switch - it truly is a do anything bike for me - I love the stability and stiffness this frame provides. Its heavy though - checking in at about 35-36 lbs, I'd like to take a few pounds off.

The first question - is it worth putting money into this bike or should I just buy another one? I've looked at a few used bikes in the 6x6 vein, I'm a bit concerned that buying a more XC designed bike will take away some of that stability and stiffness that I love about this bike. I am really in no position to buy a new (or even used) bike so if I decide this is the way to go, it would probably mean starting a "new bike" savings account for purchase a year or two down the road.

So on to the weight issue
The wheels are relatively light weight XC types, I wouldn't put super light wheels on, so I think that's a closed issue.

DHX4.0 coil on the back - I know I could save a pound by going to an air shock - any good recommendations? (7.5x2.0)

Marz Z1FR1 on the front (with the right spring removed) - I could probably save another pound by putting an air fork on it - again any recommendations? A through axle is a requirement.

Thinking through the rest of the bike (XT cranks, X9 derailler, Hayes 9 carbon, 31.8 handlebars) I just don't see anything signficant - but I'm open to other ideas.

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