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'05 specialized rockhopper or '04 trek 4900

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I saw both today. The rockhopper is $499 and the 4900 is $469 (on sale). Which is the better bike?
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Well, first of all I admit to being a die-hard Specialized fan, so naturally I will suggest the Rockhopper over the Trek. (I ride a 2004 Rockhopper Comp)


May I suggest that you ride both bikes, see which one "feels" the best to you and your riding style, then, look at the LBS you intend to make your purchase from. Which one do you feel the best with and will give you the better "after sale support"? Then compare each bike with the components each one has. (get the highest quality components you can)

Speaking for myself, I was in the same "boat" as yourself, (trying to decide on a new mountain bike and between different manufacturers.) (see my Rockhopper Comp review @ MTBR I ride "Stanky Creek") I tried Treks, Giants, Gary Fishers, Raleighs, and others.

I chose the Specialized Rockhopper Comp, and I am very very happy with her.

Good luck with your decision.

Live long,....Ride hard

Ol' DirtDawg
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Actually, I was wondering about the components.... I am going to ride both, but I don't know much about bicycle components and i was wondering which bike was better in that aspect.

Go to the web sites for both brands, then compare the components of each to each other.

Shimano components are used in both, but check out which ones are used and where. Shimano makes many different "levels" of components, "Alivio", "Deore", "Deore LX", "XT",....etc,...etc,...

Product research is part of the fun of mountain biking, because "once ya get bitten by da bug" you'll want to know more about your bike, the components on your bike, and you'll make plans to eventually up-grade and customize your bike to your future specifications.

Again,...good luck,...have fun

Live Long,....Ride Hard

Ol' DirtDawg
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