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GiantCHaDSTeR said:
i'm thinking of converting it to 150mm AC will 575mm which is 37mm difference from my current 05 AMSL fork AC 538mm. you think this would work?
I still think it'll be too tall. Will it work? Sure, but it's gonna raise the front end a bunch and rake the bike out. If you've got easy access to that fork, you may as well give it a try to see how it feels. If you're going to purchase one to give it a try, I'd pass and get something with a more reasonable A2C.

For comparison, the '06 170mm 66 has an A2C of 555mm and my Talas 36 is 545mm at 160mm.....both of which would be on the tall end for the Reign. I had that 66 for over a year on my Stinky (set @ 170mm) and it was frickin' crazy tall. A buddy has that same fork set at 150mm for his Coiler that he puts on for FR days, but he runs a Z1 FR for everyday riding.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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