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first of all, sorry if this one has been answered before. tried to find anything similar, but didn't.

secondly, though the questions are related, which bike to get, the 05 prophet 800 or the 06 prophet 1000? there's a 500bucks difference on the two bikes.

my concerns for the 800 are the specs. i'm kinda sceptical of the shimano lx dual control system. any thoughts on this one? other than that the main concern is the pedal friendliness of the tpc when compared with the spv evolve. i've read on that the tpc has superior small bump handling, but how pedal friendly is it?

my only concern with the prophet 1000 is the fact that it is 500 bucks more. or, we will change the specs from a prophet 1000 in large to a prophet frame in small and apparently the crankarms are 5mm longer on the large than on the small. do you think this would be a problem? personally i don't think so.

the intended use for the bike is as the back up for my commencal supreme 6.10 and as a school bike. yes you read correctly, but between you and me, i have a lot of killer terrain on my way to and from school, as well as that the prophet is way cheaper than my commencal as i will buy it in the us and have it shipped home to norway. it's like under 1/3 of the price and covered in full by my insurance, so it doesn't really matter if it's stolen. hehe, i know that's a rather odd take on it, but it's true.

so i'm looking for a bike that is light(how much do the two weigh in small?) and somewhat pedal friendly, as well as a lot of fun. it's sooo fun to go by soft tail. (bought a commencal meta 5.40 for the same use, but didn't like the way it felt so i sold it right away after two or three days, without a loss, hehe.) and rest assured that the shock on the 800 will be replaced by one of santa cruz' 3 way swingers.

last but not least, has anyone tried with a rp3 on the frame?

lots of questions there. any help regarding the bikes and forks will be most welcome. :thumbsup: dissing of the intended use will not be. :D hehe.
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