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05' Iron Horse Warrior SE - FS - Opinions

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Hello. I am thinking about picking up a full suspension bike for the first time. I currently have an IH Warrior Comp and came across a leftover IH Warrior Trail SE (2005 model) which I can pick up at a LBS (Performance Bike) for around ($570 tax included). This is the blue model only sold at Performance bike shops last year. Does anyone have any opinions on this bike? I'm not a hard edged racer type, more of a slow continual plodder who rides about 30-40 miles a week over roots and rock strewn terrain.
I had given no thought to going to FS until I rode a Titus Motolite at their demo day this past weekend. Now I am aware that Titus is at the "top of the food chain" in mountain biking (and this isn't an apples to apples comparison), but I'm just not willing to spend between 2 and 3 grand on a bicycle. Besides, there wasn't any reason in particular that I liked the bike a whole lot better than riding my hardtail. Like I said, I'm a slow plodder...continually ghugging away until I get where I am going. I did however, like bouncing along over some roots. Kind of like riding a pillow, ha!!
Anyway, I thought about picking up a FS bike, and already being an IH owner I figured I would stay within the family. This bike seemed like a good deal, originally $899 now $599 and I have a %10 off coupon. Has a Marzochi fork to boot. Please let me know your opinions. It would be really helpful, just as they were when I picked up my Warrior Comp earlier this year. Oh, and I looked for the specs on the net, but couldn't find them for this particular model anywhere since it is no longer in Performance's "current" lineup. Thanks in advance and have a nice 4th of July!

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lolz this is a late responce and your pobably lame in the head if you didnt get a bike for the past two weeks because no on responded but here i go

2-3 grand? for 2-3 grand dont go looking at n iron horse warrior its a descent bike but if you have 2-3 grand i would suggest getting something a little better like a trasition preston, something from devinci( i dont know the models i just know they are good), check out specialized bikes, like the enduro,

p.s-i hope by now you have your bike im just browsing and came across this and thought you deserved a response any ways even though it WAS 2 weeks ago
Iron Horse Warrior SE

DON'T do it. I have a Hollow Point Expert that ROCKS. My son's SE is a POS. We're on our 8th derailer hanger. He's not ripping them off, they're BREAKING off. The kid can't get enough time on teh bike to do any damage. He's frustrated, I'm pissed. Bought it to hook him on train riding. He tossed it and went back to BMX. Merry Christmas from Performance and Iron Horse.

PS: I'm starting to find that I'm not teh only one experiencing this problem.
Thanks for your responses & opinions -New bike today!!

:thumbsup: Thanks for the assistance my new friends. I strayed from Iron Horse and purchased a leftover 05' Fuji Diamond RC. I pick it up today. I ended up spending a bunch more on a FS bke, but for the $1450 I spent I am extremely happy with what I purchased and extremely excited about picking it up. Thank goodness I get 10% back from Performance toward the roof rack I am getting....that helped. Heck, they even threw in a helmet.
Sorry to hear about your experience with the Iron Horse Warror Noodleman :madman: , my 06' Warrior Comp has been rock solid for the 3 months I have had it, but then most hard tails typically don't have as many problems. Best of luck to you and your son.
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