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I have a new, unused Float and a used 03 Talas. I am wondering about differences in ride quality. I like the fact that the Talas has adjustable travel and lockout (though I seldom use it). And, I know that the Talas will wear out faster because it has been used for a couple of years.

My question is simply ride quality. Will I notice any difference between the two shocks? Has the ride quality improved sufficiently between 03 and 05 that it is noticeable or do the two shocks differ significantly (for example, I know that the Talas has near linear rate but I don't know about the Float).

I mostly ride cross country as I am old, fat and slow. I do ride reasonably hard over smaller bumps and tend to wear things out because primarily of my weight (200 pounds) I think. If there are no real differences (or the Float is better), I will likely use the Float because it is newer and sell the Talas. If the Talas is better, I will likely keep it.

Any advice would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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