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Since getting a 29er hardtail for XC, I've been converting my 05 Enduro Expert specifically for downhill. I've done all I can think of except for the suspension. Right now, it's a Fox DHX 5.0 Air on the back and a Talas 36 Air on the front. I'm about 200lbs and not really sure how far I could push this setup with the current suspension. Do you think switching out to a coil suspension would be necessary? I probably wouldn't jump off anything over 3 to 4 feet, don't know if the frame would be able to take it.

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Yes. and yes.

But what you have on there currently is good for DH where the wheels don't get off the ground much. Lot's of blow through travel on both ends. Tho you might want more support out of the fork.

The frame is silly strong, but the chainstay's not so much (but I have a "blow through travel" theory about that).

I have changed the fork and shock on mine (06), and just rode it tonight - it's crazy how good this bike is, it wants more than I can sack up to. :p

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