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04 XT 765 hydraulic disks.. enough power?

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I have recently purchased and installed a set of the 04 XT hydraulic disks with dual control shifters.. They stop well and modulation seems quite good, however they do not seem to have the stopping power of other hydro's my friends have. They are riding deore hydro and sunours! I can stop quickly with one finger with their brakes, but not with mine.

I am sure I have bled them well, the levers are quite stiff and definitely do not go near the grip.

Does anyone have any ideas or answers?

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How much have you ridden them?

My older Shimano brakes took a while to break in. For the first 40-50 miles the power was OK, but once break in was complete they got a LOT more powerful.

Give them a while to break in. Also, the new XT's have better modulation and don't tend to be as grabby initially when you begin to pull the lever. This gives the sensation they don't immediately stop as fast but when you really need them to stop they will.
Thanks. That's what I thought... my friend's deore and suntours stop instantly and didn't need the breaking in period, but I suppose the modulation is not as good. I have probably done about 500km on them now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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