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04 super T or slider plus for transition dirtbag

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i'm soon getting the transition dirtbag. it has awesome reviews and it's very affordable, but can anyone tell me anything else. also, i'm not sure i should get it with the super T or the slider plus for a do it all fork. lastly, should i get a component kit or everything seperate on my own. thanks for all the info/help. :confused: :confused: :p
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it would be cheaper to buy a build kit...and probably better if u dont know that much about good componentry setups and how they peform togeather...

but get the fork that pretty much will match the bike better there practically of equal comparrison and just as good as each other and MTBR has seen like 8 topins on either the sherman slider plus of the super-t in like a week im bored of the topic...

id get the super-t coz it has a direct mount stem and a direct mount fender...its just as good a a sherman tho...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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