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aztec said:
Will the WTB Mutanotire raptor 2.4 55/55 Race 565g work with my bike? Right now it has 26x2.0
Funny you should ask this question now as just today I installed this as a front tire on my 2004 Stumpy FSR Comp. I have a Mavic 517/Specialized Stout front wheel off my 2001 Stumpjumper Pro hardtail on this bike. The tire fit fine. I have Avid rim brakes. (I put a 2.24 Motoraptor on the back at the same time.)

Just before dinner I took it out on my 1 hour loop, a fire road climb and fairly rooty singletrack descent. So far I really like this tire. It replaces a 2 year old Continental Traction Pro 2.0.

Reviews on this board were generally positive but some questioned the durability. I don't think this will be an issue for me as trails around here (westside Oregon) aren't too rocky and I am not an extreme rider.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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