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04 Stinky with a 7.875x2.25?

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Has anybody tried this on one of the older stinkys? I have an 04 and was wondering if this size will work?
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bad idea

the 04 Stinky was 7" rear right ?, that means it originally came with a 8.5/2.5 shock.
By putting a 7.875/2.25 shock in there , U will 99.999pct bottom the seatstay on the seatpost as U are lowering the I-I lenght more than the stroke.
U could get away with a 8/2 shock (or a 8.25/2.25 if such a thing exists) or any other combo that lowers the I-I and the stroke with the same amount .
Hope it made sense
Not this frame. 6"

This frame has 6" of travel and comes with a 7.875 x 2.

I have a buddy that has a turner and he did this hack and it just added extra travel and his tire still does not hit the frame.

I was just thinking it will expand my search for a DHX air....
Well then its pretty simple.....

to check if itll work.

I-I minus stroke , 7,875 -2,25 = 5,625" ,
remove shock and compress rear triangle until it barely bottoms on seatpost/tube , if
U have more than 5,625" btwn shockmountingholes youre fine .
If U have less than 5,625 it means you will have contact btwn seatstays and seattube/post at full travel.

good idea, thanks! (nm)

no message
Check that the chainstay doesn't smack the front derailleur if you're running one. Mine banged up the FD pretty good, so I just went single ring.
Yeahh , thats been about the only fault with the Stinkys (ever since the very first one)
You OK when running 3 rings , but with only 2 up front , U cant lower the front mech enough to close the gap btwn mech and ring without front mech hitting the chainstay.
I tried to deal with it on my 03 DeeLux by running the chain as short as poss. : big ring/big cog rear mech almost horisontal , it helped but Id still drop the chain to the outside , through the gap, once in a while , so i got a Blackspire NS1 guide(single ring
36t) and a 11-34 rear , never looked back.Works for my riding.
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