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Not one of you has any experience here?

Come on now, help a brother out.


Hey all, I'm looking for a little advice regarding the next frame I'm going to purchase.


I've been racing on my custom nrs2 for the last 3 years and have decided midway through my first sport season that I would like to go lighter (and that I just want a new frame....) for next season and was considering the 5.2 pnd Caballero. I realize that I'll need to make other upgrades to significantly drop weight, but my problem is that I can't decided on what frame to purchase and have not been able to find reviews detailing the Cabs ride, especially in comparison to the nrs. I've pretty much eliminated all the very high end fs xc race frames (Racer X, Spider etc, fuel carbon) due to budget considerations. Any thoughts on the Cab vs the nrs would be great or just comments on the Cabs ride would be helpful as well.

Oh and I still haven't completely nixed the idea of going hardtail, so if you are pro ht and would like to convince me how fast I could possibly be by dropping roughly 2 pds right off the bat, be my guest. :D

Thanks a ton,

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