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04 enduro pro - just cracked the seat tube

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first off - I am not the origianl owner and have had this bike since 06

so, the seat tube just cracked on my 04 enduro pro. i don't jump the bike or ever have. i've ridden mtn bikes since early 90s starting with hardtails. i just noticed the rider position had shifted a little. when i checked it out, i noticed the seat tube had cracked. now, the seatpost is inserted past the frame and protrudes about 1/4 on the farside. i have never ridden the bike with the seatpost above the 'sight, seatpost height'' hole on the frame.

what to do?
is it repairable? assuming i can remove the seatpost. i tried and it's wedged in there.
or is it just scrap metal?

another tought, the seatpost dia is 30.9 and the specialized seatpost i have just happens to have an interior diameter of 27.2.

what if i just leave the alum seatpost in there, cut both sides down just by the frame, create the clamp slit and maybe bond it to the frame. then use a 27.2mm seatpost.

or does anyone need a rear triangle for an 04 enduro?
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Sorry Dude, it's toast. Same thing happened to my '03, luckily I was the original owner. Luckily bikes have gotten better since '06.

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