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Apologies if it is gauche for posting this in the Ellsworth forum, but you guys know the value of this bike.

2004 Ellsworth Id black size large, Romic shock, 400 lb spring
Marzzochi Z1 bomber 5" travel 20mm axle
Custom front wheel, Marzzochi hub, 20mm axle, singletrack rim, beefy, built by Universal cycles in Portland, OR.

This was the most excellent MTB I have ever owned or ridden. It was a birthday gift from my ex-wife and her boyfriend (a riding buddy :madmax: ) before I realized that they were sneaking around. Suffice it to say that riding this bike doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I seriously thought about destroying it, but I took it apart about a year ago and built the steel hardtail of my dreams, but the fork, frame and front wheel have just been sitting on a shelf. I loved riding it, but hate owning it. This bike was never abused, hucked, neglected, damaged. The only wear is very slight cable rub in a couple of places. This bike is as new. I have pictures, but they are too dang big for this forum. I will happily send pix to seriously interested persons.

I want $2000 + shipping/insurance for the fork, frame, and wheel. All these goodies would have been $3K when new. I plan to use that dough for an engagement ring for my sweetie, LMB. I hope you can see the balance in that.

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Send me email - I probably won't watch this forum, I'm kinda busy.

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