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Has anyone got some info on upgrading my 95mm of travel to something more substantial.....without having to spend the big dollars on a new toy!!! I've heard there are linkage changes, can I mod the current link or is it a replacement bit? can I use the current shock? fox float

I fricken LURVE this bike, ignorance IS bliss! but having pushed the shock through the bottom of the black linkage i felt like this ---> :madman: partially due to a few mech probs on previous rides. :madmax:

I weigh a measly 92kg's!!
BIke has 130mm fox vanillas RLC
sram 9 all over
hayes nines 8" F 6" R

Ride mostly XC, little bit of air, nothing stupid that would get me on a bike mag cover!!?? I know that the answer is to get a 120 mm travel rear bike.....just cant afford it.

HELP HELP help!!
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