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Heres the deal,

I was going to buy a frame and fork and just move all my components over from my current bike. But after looking around I found it would be better for my situation to just buy a 1000-1500ish bike. Well, I went down to Wheat ridge cyclery earlier tonight and I tested a ton of bikes including '03 Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ Disk, 03' Trek Fuel 90 Disk, '03 Yeti Kokopeli (sp?), '03 Specailized Epic, and '04 Stumpjumper Comp (hardtail). Of these bikes, I was most impressed by the two specailized (probabaly because i'm used to my '01 Stumpjumper comp) and i dont know which to do. Heres what I liked about both...
'04 Stumpjumper:
-XT shifters and brake levers
-Felt very balanced
-The Fox F80 fork is AWESOME, by far the best fork I have ever tried, ridden or tested. It is simply amazing. I tried to fool it but failed every time.
-XTR rear derailer
-I"m starting to get sick of having a sore ass after a long ride sitting on the saddle, though i have gotten more and more used to it.
'03 Epic
-Brain rear shock... same thing as the F80. It felt like a Hardtail when you want it to, but the plush ride came in when you needed it too.
-Full suspension is great
-Fox Float fork is great, though not as good as the F80 it was probably the 2nd best I have ever ridden
-Braking; I dont know if they were just dialed in right, but they felt great.
-Balance again
-LX componentry besides rear derailur
-XT rear derailer
-Slightly heavier

Prices of all the bikes I looked at FYI:
Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ Disk - $1350
Yeti Kokopeli - $1499
Trek Fuel 90 Disk - $1350
Epic - $1499
Stump. Comp - $1499

So as I said above, the specailized ones were my favorites. I hated the trek, liked the yeti's frame, and the gary fishers, but not as much as the specailized. I currently have XTR components I could probably swap over from my current bike (-Front and rear derailur)

So, basically my question is weather FS is worth it for the slightly lower components and such.

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well if it was me parting with my hard earned cash, I'd go for the '03 FS model, but both are really nice machines. What do you want, another hardtail or an FS?
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