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Hey fit & size gurus,

I ride a 2003 SJ FSR size XL with a shorter, higher cockpit: 90mm stem (versus stock was 120); 1.5 inch hi-riser (versus stock was 1/2 inch lo-riser); and 10mm seatpost setback (versus stock was about 20mm on the original post). The Specialized bike archive reports a 623mm top tube length and a 1116mm wheelbase on the 2003 size XL. I really like the size and fit on this bike now that I've dialed it in a little. I'm 6-1" with pretty normal proportions but I really like the feel of a larger bike versus a smaller one. (I ride a size XL Tarmac road bike, also with a shorter stem, and this fits a lot better than a size L.)

My 2003 is a great bike but there is a lot to like about the new frame, and the 2003 frame has some design issues and it's kind of heavy... so I'm test riding. I rode a 2008 SJ size L , and it felt a little cramped even compared to my modified (shortened) cockpit on the 2003. But the geometry on the 2009/2008 seems like it should feel similar ... 2009/2008 has 625mm top tube and 105mm stem and 1155mm wheelbase. At least the 2009/2008 size L looks a lot closer to my 2003 size XL than a 2008/2009 size XL is. But it still felt cramped.

The website dimensions are pretty helpful, but I wonder if anyone knows whether there is other geomtery stuff going on so that a new generation size XL should feel about right if a 2003 size XL feels about right? OK, so I know the right answer is to go ride an XL but I've not been able to do so yet, so please let me know if you know anythng about this. Thanks in advance.
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