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Well yesterday I fianlly got my bike out for a real ride after building it. I have had it built now for almost two months and have not had the enthusiasm to ride due to the constant rain on weekends.
Yesterday the wife and I hit the watershed in Delta. Ok it isnt the North Shore but it has some jumps ladder rides and teeter totters( which I don't have the balls to do).
For the first half hour into my ride, if anything had a bolt on it, it came loose. My handlebars, seat, you name it it came loose, fortunately i had my toolbox in the van so i rode back to tighten everything once again.
At first I wasnt sure I liked the Flow frame because of the small cockpit it has compared to my Hucker I had. All I kept thinking was "this frame is too small I need another one".
the thought of it was starting to really pi$$ me off because I really don't want to start building another bike once again. One a year is enough.
I was heading down a path that has a few jumps on it, I said to myself" let see how this frame/fork combo works". Well being hat the bike's total weight is under 30 pounds, and i have a RS psylo race which I am not used to as oppose to a boat anchor type fork Dj 3 which weighs over 7 pounds, the first jump really surprised me. I pulled the front end hard like i had to with the Dj 3 and almost went over backwards until my old days dirtbiking skills came back to me...sit up on the bike the front will go down... which it did.
The jump did not have a trans to land on so it was 3 foot ramp + air to flat.
The landing was so smooth it was like i havent even laft the ground.
The fork and frame performed so well, i thought something was wrong.
I tried another jump, this time not pulling the front at all... the bike landed once again, smooth. I was starting to get used to the short cockpit that Rocky has on their bikes.
My Hucker when taking jump it landed hard and it felt like a hardtail.. .this one doesnt at all, i think it has alot to do with the fork.
I got the bike home, retuned the drivetrain, and at this point, I am sold on Rocky Mountain bikes and would not part with this frame and fork.
Enough typing time to go ride.
Out for now.
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