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'03 giant xtc stack height(total), sz xs

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i am selling a scareb w a 188mm steerer and have a prospective buyer. her lbs says she needs 200mm. i had the fork installed on a reken (120mm headtube), with an fsa pig headset(29.8mm), and a salsa stem (52mm). the giant archives say 118mm with an easton ea50 stem. can't find stack heights for the headset or stem. seems like they just guessed. it could be close, but it couldn't be more than the pig and the salsa(that thing is TALLLLLLL!). anyone got any ideas of the stock stack height?
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Sorry I don't know, I've got a STP with a head tube height of 120 and I rund a steerer of about 180. I have had a '07 Giant Alias which is pretty similar to the XTC and 118 rings a bell, I know it wasn't that different to the STP.

So maybe the LBS are quoting what she should get if she was buying a "new" fork, or they are probably allowing for a few 10mm spacers underneath as from what I've seen all the bikes out of a shop come set up like that.

Just because she's a woman (I am too) doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to get out her (or her partners) tape measure and measure the bike for herself, better still measure the whole current set up from bottom of the head tube to the top of the stem as well to make sure the current set up would fit......actually there you go perhaps that's what the LBS did and perhaps she is running a few spacers at the moment, so it really depends if she needs those or not.

Good luck on the sale hey.
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cool. thanks for the post. she got a deal on the xtc, but the previous owner sold it to her w a mag 21. wow. i might just let it go cheaper and if it don't work for her, she can send it back. idk. but thanks again.
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