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02 Stinky Z1 lite/eta or Pike

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' hi guys i own a 02 5" travel stinky, currently with a 7" junior tee on the front. after a lot of thought i think i will make this my all mountain bike with some liter parts i have aquired, as i have a cross country bike and will buy a 7or 8" bike . My delema is which fork to use the Pike or the Z1 lite/eta ?
I would apprecaite feedback from anyone who have used these forks, especailly on the
stinky or coiler

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I have a Pike 454 Dual Air on a 2005 Coiler Dee-Lux. It's a great fork and it an excellent match to the rest of the bike. But I can't compare it to the Z1.
I've never had much luck with Marzocchi forks.

The Pike is an awesome fork, super tuneable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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