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Rides like wrecking ball
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Just a fun post here more than serious...

I loved my '02 DHR to death. The suspension setup was very progressive and great for dropping. I lost count of how many loading docks mine handled. It also pedalled pretty nice, even without any sort of platform shock technology. It was sure beefy, my medium was 12+ pounds. Never really heard of many breakage issues, even after multiple seasons of abuse.

I know what you're thinking, "Just wait a bit for the Highline" you say. That frame sounds like fun, but it's going to push $2000. Well...I was just searching around bored last night, and came across several '02 DHR's for the jaw-dropping price of ~$600! Got me thinking, damn that bike would rip with a PUSHed Vanilla RC, 7" fork, single-ply FR/trail tires, smaller chainring + wide-range cassette, and overall a medium-light build up. For me, I'd love to see a 170mm Marzocchi 66 single crown on that bad boy! If I took the kit off my RFX the DHR/66 combo would come in at 39-40 pounds.

Am I the only one who thinks that could be fun? Maybe it's just the vicodin talking. :rolleyes:
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