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01' Bullit shock options?

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I built up my 01' Bullit as an agressive trail ride, Currently it has a Z1 MCR fork and a stock 7 7/8" Vanilla RC in the rear. The HA is a little slack @ 67* even w/ the shuttle all the way back. I was thinking of running an 8.5" Vanilla RC but I remmember a thread where having a 7" rear w/ a 5" front made for a poor riding bullit. Other than a shorter fork any suggestions? Thanx
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I run a Shiver SC. It works really well 120mm feels like much more.

Which shuttle do you have the sliding 01 or the shuttle w/ two sets of holes ?

Also, all the way back I think the angle is more like 70*-71*

Maybe ride steeper terrain :)
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