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I picked up this fork for a song and it seems to work fine on my hardtail but now I want to adjust the pos and neg air pressure. The problem is that I cannot access the Schrader valves on either side of the fork. They seem to be recessed into the stanchions. The fork is OEM so I haven't been able to find a good manual for it (I've been all over the manuals on SRAM's site) or even a good picture of the top of the stanchions. Mine seems to be very different than the ones on their site.

Anyway, my question is is this normal and if it is is there an adapter I need (like the Marz air adapters) for this fork. Maybe there's a special RS fork pump? The pump I'm using is a Fox.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Here's a pic of the overall fork and the recessed shcrader (accessed by removing the plastic plug):

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