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Will this M2 be that much different from the M1?! What do you guys think?

I've tried a coil one about a year ago and it was harsh AF.

Apparently they have the stiffest chassis on the market! That's what they claim.
Stiffness data below from the Mezzer thread:

Torsionally, the Mezzer is 30% stiffer than a Fox 36, 16% stiffer than a Ohlins RFX36, 1% stiffer than a Lyrik

Fore-aft, the Mezzer is 7% stiffer than a 36, 20% stiffer than a RFX, and 4% stiffer than a Lyrik
The harshness in the Ohlins was all damper. We haven't heard much about them fixing that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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