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  1. Apparel and Protection
    On truly frigid days, the right on-bike gear will have more in common with traditional ski/snowboard wear than anything you typically find at the local bike shop (click to enlarge). Editor's Note: This article is part of the Mtbr Ultimate Guide to winter mountain biking, fat bikes, gear...
  2. 2006 Marzocchi Z.1 FR SL Doppio Air

    Marzocchi's top-of-the line Z.1 for 2006, the Z.1 FR SL Doppio Air. It uses Marzocchi's new RC2 damping system and the Doppio positive/negative air spring system. The fork has 32mm, tapered alloy stanchions, and 130mm to 150mm of gooey, Marzocchi travel.
  3. Kona - Ho Chi Min

    My Kona Ho Chi Min bought at Freewheel in Jasper, Canada. Only one in the UK as far as know. Has 2004 Marzoochi Z1 Freeride forks, Shimano Discs (8' Front Rotor), XT Mechs, Sun Rims, Maxxis 2.5 Hi Rollers, Specialized Telluride etc
1-3 of 3 Results