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  1. 26er Bikes
    Who remembers the old GT Xizang? Back in the 90's, GT had a frame called the Xizang, it came from their SkunkWorks lab that they had in Longmont, CO. That was the pinnacle of the bike, basically equivalent to the Zaskar LE but it was produced in titanium. For 2013, GT has brought back the...
  2. GT XIZANG Titanium Mountain Bike Frame

    GT XIZANG polished Titanium Mountain Bike Frame Handbuilt right here in the USA Sandvik 3AL/2.5V titanium 16"
  3. 1992 Zaskar / Xizang

    From the '92 GT catalog, Zaskar and Xizang (the latter tinted red for contrast). Photos were resized to match - the "all GT terra" stickers were used for size reference. If the two frames are not actually the same frame size, then the comparison is not valid. If they are, then there are
1-4 of 4 Results