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  1. Azul Helmets Babes

    Azul Helmets Babes

    A couple of lovely ladies, showing off an interesting helmet concept by Azul Helmets. They make helmets with interchangeable hat-like covers so you don't have to look like you're wearing a helmet. The also make traditional cross country mountain bike helmets for those of you who don't need to wear a
  2. My Wife & her HiFi

    My Wife & her HiFi

    Lindsey on her HiFi, Palmer Park, CO.
  3. My girl getting better 2

    My girl getting better 2

    Pedernales falls, Texas. Fun 7 mile ride with the family.
  4. Austrian XC Race

    Austrian XC Race

    Unknown rider in the rain, during the Addidas Bike-n-Soul
  5. Willow


    Look at that cute, innocent-looking face. And then check out those crusher legs. Holy moly! Willow Koerber lays down the law.
  6. Good Marketing

    Good Marketing

    Soulcraft ladies during the pro/expert XC race.
  7. Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!


    An exuberant cheering squad at the base of the dual slalom course lets the riders know they are appreciated. 4/16/05
  8. Alison Train

    Alison Train

    Alison Dunlap, pulling the pro women's XC field, near the beginning of the seond lap. She ended up finishing third in this race.
  9. Mary McConneloug

    Mary McConneloug

    Last year's US champ and Team Kenda/Seven pro, Mary McConneloug, looking fresh and strong near the beginning of the first lap of Sunday's 38 mile pro XC race.
  10. Vela Bella Amateur

    Vela Bella Amateur

    One of the Vela Bella ladies working it over the top of a steep one, during Sunday morning's amateur XC rcae.
  11. K2 Spire detail

    K2 Spire detail

    womens f/s Spire
  12. K2 T:Nine Spire - Womens

    K2 T:Nine Spire - Womens

    women-specific T:Nine line from K2. Spire f/s model w/4-5" rear travel @ $1299.00 MSRP.
  13. K2 T:Nine Echo - Womens

    K2 T:Nine Echo - Womens

    women-specific T:Nine line from K2. Echo hardtail MSRP @ $400. Cool flowery graphics
  14. Amber Throop - Sport Junior

    Amber Throop - Sport Junior

    Richie Nova Junior team member, Amber Throop, during Sunday's short track national finals.
  15. Vela Bella - Kim Heiser

    Vela Bella - Kim Heiser

    One of the Velo Bella lovelies, Kim Heiser, in Saturday's expert XC race.
  16. Expert Women's XC

    Expert Women's XC

    Name this expert woman! I can't see her number plate. But she deserves some credit because she's racing in the 2004 Expert US XC National Championship!
  17. Erika - Sycip

    Erika - Sycip

    The lovely Erika, from the Sycip team, finished 5th in her class in Saturday's Expert XC National final.
  18. The Sock

    The Sock

    Penny "The Sock", aka Mrs. Slartibartifest, hustling it up Hurl Hill, on Sunday morning.