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  1. Kathy Pruitt

    Jamis pro downhill racer, Kathy Pruitt. Kathy took third in the world finals this year.
  2. Austrian XC Race

    Unknown rider in the rain, during the Addidas Bike-n-Soul
  3. Willow

    Look at that cute, innocent-looking face. And then check out those crusher legs. Holy moly! Willow Koerber lays down the law.
  4. Fox on the Trail

    XC honey on the book cliffs, in Fruita. If there's a honey on the trail, does that make it a honey trail?
  5. Amber Throop - Sport Junior

    Richie Nova Junior team member, Amber Throop, during Sunday's short track national finals.
  6. Vela Bella - Kim Heiser

    One of the Velo Bella lovelies, Kim Heiser, in Saturday's expert XC race.
  7. Expert Women's XC

    Name this expert woman! I can't see her number plate. But she deserves some credit because she's racing in the 2004 Expert US XC National Championship!
  8. Singlespeed Girl

    Everybody sing along:Singlespeed girl, pushing it up Hurl Hill, isn't she pretty, with her rigid fork and and big smile.Thank you. Good night!
1-8 of 8 Results