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  1. General Discussion
    Crush the cold weather with savings from Competitive Cyclist For most of us, the winter season is a mix of trainer rides and snow-covered adventures through the forest. For others, its rebuilding and perfecting our machines in preparation for next season and the fun that awaits. No matter what...
  2. Misc Components
    SRAM GX Eagle; takes a kicking and keeps on shifting. Winter; when roads covered in ice mixed with salt, is frequented by crazies on bikes looking for fresh air. Conditions like these are not great for metal grinding on metal, ie, your bike's drivetrain. During these wet seasons, we run our...
  3. General Discussion
    Will keep the slush away from your shoes and off your backside; bonus points for heavy metal stickers! We know you're not ready for winter, but getting your bike ready will help ease the pain? Let us help winterize your rig and get you on the trails this winter and off the trainer. Fenders...
  4. Apparel and Protection
    Nobody likes being uncomfortable while riding, no matter if it's a soaking wet baselayer or frozen toes. Pedaling through the heart of winter is hard enough. There's no need to make it worse. After spending many winters on the bike, I figured out what worked for me and what was a terrible...
  5. General Discussion
    Some of the must-have compounds for overhauling your winter shoes. Winter cycling shoes can be expensive (upwards of $400 in some cases) and are not the most glamorous purchase. Here are five ways to bring your old winter cycling shoes back to life so you can save money for a new race wheelset...
  6. Apparel and Protection
    Winter can be painful. Upon walking out the door, you subconsciously cringe in bitter anticipation of the cold air stinging your warm cheeks. There have been days where I want to close the door and go back inside. But we are cyclists and at least some of us don't let weather stop us. Sure, I...
  7. General Discussion
    Riding in the winter can be rough. It's cold, the trails are slippery, and you're gonna get wet. To help prepare yourself, follow these five great tips from the crew at Global Mountain Bike Network. And just in case you can't watch video at work, here's a little recap: Keep up your...
  8. General Discussion
    Even if you live in Southern California, these winter tips are great for general maintenance. With Winter approaching fast, it's a good time to prep your bike for abuse. The next time you run through your regular maintenance routine, consider blocking out an extra hour or two (plus some beer)...
  9. 29er Bikes
    KHS had several of their 2015 bicycles on display at the Winter Bike Press Camp event this week including mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and more. In addition to the KHS brand, they also produce bikes under the Free Agent BMX brand as well as Manhattan cruisers. They have also been one...
  10. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Back again with more winter riding passion, the ShapeRideShoot crew has just unleashed their latest video: Winter Depression? Gaëtan Rey tells Mtbr, "We had a great week end last week because Vincent Tupin received a frame of Scott Gambler to replace his Kona and I received a brand new camera...
  11. zev snowy

    john zevor ride in snowy path
  12. Winter is an awesome time to ride!

    Local trail at Peters Creek, Alaska
  13. Portage Glacier iceberg

    Iceberg locked into lake ice on Portage Lake, Alaska
  14. Portage Glacier ride 4

    Winter ride to Portage Glacier, Alaska
  15. Portage Glacier 3

    At face of Portage Glacier, Alaska (The lake-ice fractures look dangerous, but the cracks had frozen over with several inches of ice.)
  16. Portage Glacier 1

    Icefall beside Portage Lake, Alaska
  17. Portage Glacier 1

    Ice ride to Portage Glacier, Alaska
  18. Participants at Goose Lake Fridgid Bits - 2006

    Frigid Bits at Goose Lake 2006
  19. Alaska coast

    Taken during Sunday's ride in the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge. Frozen ground and the snow blown thin. No trail to follow. It was great
  20. Winter Bike Ride

    Surly Pugsly on MN snowmobile trail.
1-20 of 23 Results