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  1. California - Norcal
    Heads up! On Saturday August 28th, Santa Cruz County Horsemen's' Association (SCCHA) will be hosting an equestrian endurance race that will involve over one hundred horses on trails at Wilder and UC. The course starts at the Graham Hill Showgrounds, goes through Henry Cowell, across the river...
  2. Wilder Ranch Poppies

    California Poppies are illegal to pick - and they taste nasty, anyway!
  3. Wilder Ranch - UCSC graffiti water tanks

    If you're into forest art, it's all here!
  4. Wilder Ranch - Engelsmann Loop

    There's a great forest off in the distance, or continue on the downhill back to Hwy One
  5. Wilder Ranch - Pacific Ocean

    Downhill section includes a (foggy) view of the Pac Ocean on the way back to Hwy One
  6. Wilder Ranch - UCSC

    Chinquapin Trail marker and singletrack near graffiti water tanks
  7. Wilder Ranch - UCSC Entrance

    East Entrance of Wilder Ranch is across the street from UCSC where many trails are also well maintained and marked
  8. Wilder Ranch - Old Cabin Trail

    Stay on the singletrack and continue uphill
  9. Wilder Ranch - Trail Junction Old Cabin Trail

    Out of the forest and into the field, go uphill toward the Eucalyptus Grove
  10. Wilder Ranch - Old Cabin Trail

    After the water crossing, in and out of light/darkness
  11. Wilder Ranch - On the Old Cabin Trail

    From the West Entrance, turn right into the forest
  12. Wilder Ranch East entrance Trail Options One

    After entering from the East side of the Ranch, you can take the Chinquapin Trail to the Eucalyptus Grove
  13. East entrance to Wilder Ranch Gray Whale

    This is the entrance at the East side of the Ranch
  14. Wilder Ranch Trail Option One

    Stay to the right at this Y. On the 3.X mile downhill, you will return on the left
  15. Hwy 1 Entrance to Wilder Ranch

    The western side of the ranch can be entered here.
1-15 of 15 Results