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  1. Giant Reign 1 2007

    My then 1 week old Giant Reign 1 after a trip along Jeffries Track on Mt Wellington plateau. This track is poorly drained and develops some enormous puddles where it is cut up by 4WDers.
  2. Quoll skull

    This skull of a quoll was just off the track near where Stony Point trail joins up to White Timber trail on Mt Wellington. Attached to my Iron Horse Vice
  3. Stony point trail

    Leads from Crabtree up to White Timber fire trail, which Joins onto Jeffries track. This is near the top, lower down the track is overhung by tree ferns and can be damp and slippery - worth wearing a long sleeve jersey as the ferns can slice your arms up! Connecting fire trails go up to Big Bend nea
1-3 of 3 Results