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  1. Trek
    Ok, i know this is going to be controversial as most of you don't care about weight, but damn Trek frames are heavy! Som examples: New Fuel EX frame is 3.4 kg, 1kg heavier than a specialized stumpjumper, which i consider kinda similar. New Top Fuel frame is 2.7kg, that is also 1kg heavier than...
  2. What Bike to Buy
    I am 15 5,7 and 113 pounds, I currently ride a 2008 rocky mountain because it is the only bike under 25 pounds that I could afford and because of my weight I thought I would need a lighter bike. Was I wrong does bike weight vs rider weight really matter and if so what bike should I look at...
  3. Families and Riding with Kids
    later this year my 5yo will need a 20" (getting on this now, as its ... crazy out there for availability). I'm torn between a fork or not ... weight (assuming disk brakes and good quality) is my first criteria, so I THINK i'll stick with rigid for one more bike size, but was hoping to get your...
  4. Fat bikes
    So fat bikes are slower than full suspension bikes... Ok but usually the fat bike is heavier than the trail bike so what happens if weight is equal. 30lb fat bike to 30lb full suspension trail bike? Does anyone have experience with a light fat bike and times relative to full suspension?
  5. 29er Bikes
    Manufacturer weights are often very different from actual weights, so we put the Kona 2017 product line on the scale to find out the truth. Due to time constraints, we couldn't weigh every bike, but this post will give you a basic idea of what things weigh out of the box. The size medium...
  6. Giant
    Frame Sizes: M:17.5 Colors White/Red Frame Fluidformed™ ALUXX SL butted alloy Fork Marzocchi 44 TST2 Air w/15QR axle & tapered steerer, 4"/100mm Shock NA Components Handlebar: Giant Contact oversize alloy 690mm 29'er flat bar Stem: Giant Connect oversize alloy, 4 bolt, 8 degree...
1-7 of 7 Results