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  1. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking for vintage bikes that I want to restore and make a collection of them. I don't really have a lot of experience with old bikes but I know most of the elements and ideas. I recently came across one interesting bike, but I don't know if it has enough value...
  2. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hey all, I thought I had this identified, but it looks like I was wrong. I thought it was a Yeti ARC-AS, partly because the geometry actually seems to match a 1995 Yeti catalog I have. However, Yeti bikes would have been yellow/blue, while BMC did apparently have a Yeti clone that was ball...
  3. Vintage Bike
    1996 Proflex 856 Overall excellent condition for its age. Just had it gone through by a local mechanic and all is in good working order. Upgrades from new noted below. Bar ends, grips, and seat are well worn. No cleats with pedals. Pickup in North Reading, MA. Cash only. $500 OBO Listing is...
    $500 USD
  4. Shocks and Suspension
    Hi everyone! I've the first SID model and I want to setting up. How to check if the cartridge oil has leaks? Can I open the cartridge to refill oil and replece some parts (O-ring or something)? The fork has 60mm of travel. Can I remove some piece to get 80mm? Attach some pics
  5. Wanted Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a pair of XC717, X517, M261, or 217s in 32H, silver or sunset. Will consider other good light 26" rims if they meet those criteria and are rim brake compatible. NOS/VGUC whatever doesnt matter just let me know whatcha got! :)
  6. For Sale
    Hello there! I'm trying to sell a 1997 Klein Mantra Race and was wondering what its value would be in a hot market, namely the DC-area. The components were originally a mix of Shimano Deore LX and XT, but it was upgraded to full XT, including hubs. The bars were probably upgraded a long time...
  7. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    So this is an old steel frame that I bought about a month or so ago, it has a chrome finnish but you can tell it's frame from the surface rust that has appeared to the little scratches that went thought the chrome finnish, but it's really light weight. It fits 26" wheels with V-brakes (no...
  8. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Picked up a really nice 93 Scott Comp Racing frame for a fun build but it didn’t come with a fork and I can’t seem to find any info on the fork size. Looks like it came with a rigid fork or the Unishock fork. I want a more modern rigid fork but I don’t want to mess up the geometry.
  9. Full Suspension Bike
    For sale: Titus Racer X 2007 Limited Edition, only 100 bikes produced, vintage! Category: Mountain Bike (MTB)/Cross-Country Condition: Good The perfect super light cross-country MTB, climbs fast with amazing steering control and speed on switchbacks. Price: $800 USD Original MSRP $6000...
  10. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hello. This is my first post here and in order to properly look for the threads and discussions I really would like to know what I'm actually riding. A bit of background info: I got the bike from my aunt who had a subrenter who left the bike behind after moving. I know it's from around the early...
  11. 29er Bikes
    To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Devinci built the limited edition YYZ. It's modeled after the XYZ, a little-known bike introduced in the 1980s, but they only thing the two bikes share is the alien tubing. The new YYZ is a modern mountain bike. According to Marketing Manager Julien Boulais...
  12. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    I don't like to start new threads but I was seriously considering a thread hijack on First Flight's Retrotec. How rude! So here is mine. One of my favorites that I own. I got this 91/92 one from a VRC member here. I really can't put in words how much fun it is to ride. I hope you'll post 'em...
  13. Colson (front)

    Vintage Bike from the 1940's. Trying to get a value of the bike. Potentially looking to sell.
  14. Colson (side)

    Vintage Bike from the 1940's. Trying to get a value of the bike. Potentially looking to sell.
  15. Gorilla brake beefers

    Red V-brake beefers. Includes 4 bolts, but one of the collars is missing. Can be easily sourced at Ace hardware.
  16. Odyssey tripletrap pedals

    Two sets of triple trap pedals. The outer cage can be transfered between the two pedal bodies. One set has MTB axles and the other has BMX axles.
  17. Cane Creek C2

    Cane Creek headset. 1-1/8"
  18. Paul singlespeed wheels

    Paul hubs threaded for singlespeed freewheel. The hubs are gold, spokes are polished, and rims are black. Rims are WTB Speed Master and have plenty of brake surface left. Includes a 17T freewheel.
  19. Marzocchi Atom Bomb

    1999 Marzocchi Atom Bomb fork. It started as a black painted fork. I stripped the paint and started to completely polish. Could use a little more work there. It has 65mm of travel and includes V-brake bosses and disc mounts. Stanchions are perfect. Steertube is 1-1/8" and cut to 8.5". Has
  20. Rock Shox Judy

    Old 2000 era Rock Shox Judy with Englund air cartridges. I do not recall the travel. I believe it is 65mm. It has a 1-1/8" steer tube that is about 8.5" long.
1-20 of 29 Results