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  1. Brake Time
    The title says it all. I bought an older Kona Major Jake cross frame with v-brake posts and I want to build the bike using carbon 700c wheels. As carbon wheels require brake pads designed for carbon wheels does anyone know who makes a v-brakepad holder that will take brake pads for carbon...
  2. Vintage, Retro, Classic
    Hi hi.. newbie here from Singapore. I have a 94 Paragon that i want to upgrade the vbrakes to disc brakes. Fabricating an adapter is super costly here. Is there anyone out there that have found an adaptor that fits and performs well for this bike? Trying to sell off if not able to upgrade
  3. Avid Arch Supreme

    Avid Arch Supreme V-brakes. All hardware included.
1-3 of 3 Results