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  1. 27.5
    Flat purple or fluorescent yellow? The choice is yours (click to enlarge). For 2016, Intense is re-introducing the beloved Uzzi as a 190mm travel bike designed for super enduro (their words, not ours) and park riding. It's built with a 180mm fork in mind, but can pull double duty as a downhill...
  2. Uzzi SL

  3. Uzzi SL

  4. Uzzi SL

  5. 2007 uzzi VPX

    uzzi, totem 1.5, hadleys, etc.
  6. 07 "works" Intense Uzzi VPX

    2007 Uzzi VPX works finish, DHX5, Totem Coil.
  7. uzzi

1-9 of 9 Results