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  1. Trek Top Fuel's new tyres!

    Trek Top Fuel 110 with new HUTCHINSON Bulldog Tyres. I think she looks nice! Even better than the Green Michelins! :)
  2. My race bike - Top Fuel 110

    Top Fuel 110 - 21.5" Full XTR drivetrain; Dura-Ace chain XTR dual control hyd. disc brakes Bontrager Race X Lite Tubeless Disc wheelset Micheline tubeless tyres Sella Italia XC SLR saddle REBA World Cup forks MC3.R shock; dual remote lock-out
  3. Dave V.'s Top Trek

    2006 Trek Top Fuel 110 - size 21.5": Full XTR drivetrain & discs; Race X Lite Tubeless Disc wheelset; Michelin Tubeless Tyres; REBA World Cup 100mm - front; MC3.R - rear; Dual single remote lock-out; Sella Italia XC SLR Saddle; XTR pedals.
1-3 of 3 Results