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  1. Full Suspension Bikes
    I’m gonna have to consult the experts in this field, note I am in the beginning stages of purchasing a new full suspension bike with little experience other than previous hardtails. I found an extremely enticing 27.5 Trance with an unfortunate XL frame, but am wondering if I may be able to...
  2. Giant
    Hi, just looking for some advice really on travel and what I could do to go about it. I’ve got a 2020 Trance 2 29, owned for around 6 months and it’s great, but I wish I had more travel because as I’ve progressed it’s started to bottom out more. I’m a fairly heavy-set rider and the 130mm fork &...
  3. Giant
    Hi All! I just picked up a 2008 trance 2 (all stock except for the grips) and I am thinking of doing some upgrades. I've sort of fallen into the category of "just switched from a HT to a DS XC bike but now that I am getting the feel for the DS I just want to do more nuts all-mountain riding."...
1-3 of 3 Results