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  1. 27.5
    Meet the Tracer 275 - The next BIG THING from Intense Cycles. First seen at the Sea Otter Classic back in April in prototype form, then teased with action shots just the other week, Intense Cycles finally shows us the World Wide Launch of the Tracer 275 today! This bike (and the Carbine 275...
  2. 27.5
    We recently got some exclusive action photos and info about the BRAND new 27.5 (aka 650b) bikes coming from Intense Cycles. The Official World Wide launch will be at Bike DealerCamp (from the good folks at Lifeboat Events.) will be there to cover the new bikes, but we received these...
  3. 27.5
    Introduction by Francis Cebedo: The 29er battle is won. It is the growth market of 2012 and it will dominate cross country riding and is a serious player in the All Mountain bike market. Its success has heightened manufacturers' awareness with new trends. No one wants to be late to the party...
  4. Intense
    What to do when no fund$ available to buy a new bike? Give the old one a makeover! Chemically stripped, new bearings throughout, and new decals = a sweet ride for another season. :thumbsup:
  5. Intense Tracer

    Freshly built at sunset
1-6 of 6 Results