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  1. News & Reviews
    Mongoose has more bikes than you can shake a stick at, yet do not typically appear on a lot of rider's radars. There are three core models, which all cost less than $3000. Mongoose utilizes a horst link design with floating shock and have modified their chainstay pivot to reduce brake jack...
  2. 29er Bikes
    The Dew Tour action sports event was this past weekend in San Francisco and Mtbr was there checking out the awesome BMX, skate and freestyle motocross competitions going on right in Civic Center Plaza. There was also a pretty big vendor expo area with a lot going on. As one of the main...
  3. General Discussion
    New for 2011 from Mongoose are the Super and Salvo Elite. In this video, Craig Hoyt (aka Mtb Skippy in the Mtbr forums) shows us the highlights of the 150mm travel TeoCali all mountain trail bike and the 95-120mm travel Salvo Elite. Teocali Super -lighter, stiffer rear end -new shaped...
  4. Pimped Teocali

    My Pimped out Teocali • Rockshox Pike 454 Dual Air with Pop Loc Remote • Shimano DX Flat Pedals • Spank 2 timer stem 50mm • Hope Pro 2 front hub • Da Bomb Camo Rims • Rockshox Pearl (comming soon) Everything else stock from Teocali Comp
1-4 of 4 Results