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  1. Trail Riding
    New to mtbr, and the world of all-mountain. i've been riding tech XC trails for years on my jamis dragon but really like hitting some more gnarly downhill, drops, tech sections. I'm really just curious of what is different between a XC and AM bike. Suspension travel? If i go for an AM setup, is...
  2. Utah
    Hey new to forum/Utah from NJ. Here for a year or two and need to find some reliable and fun trails. I've ridden a bunch of cross country with my dad and it's always been super techy; which has grown to be my favorite part of a ride. So basically i'm looking for trail/area suggestions. i've...
  3. Ribbon Trail

    Looking down on the crew from one of the more technical sections of the Ribbon Trail, after the heinous climb, about half way into the ride.Thanks again, Eric! Even though that climb really sucked, I can't stop thinking about that trail. I need to get back there and shoot lots more pictures!
  4. Gene - Waterfall

    Gene drops in on the Waterfall section of the Ribbon trail. This is the same section that we were all so awed to watch Eric clean. Gene was the only other one to hit it - and he was on a 50 lb Astrix hucker. He hit it a lot faster than Eric, fast enough that he had to put a foot down on the corner j
  5. Horse Thief Drop-In

    Traffic on the Horse Thief drop-in. Most people walk down it. Everyone walks up it. A few try to ride down it, hardly anyone cleans it. I saw one rider, on a hardtail, clean it twice. Ray almost made it and then got tossed over a rock, near the bottom. We saw KgB get seriously launched over the bars
  6. Horse Thief Drop-In

    An unknown hardtail rider on the very difficult Horse Thief drop-in, in the Kokopelli trail network. This guy started 4 times and cleaned the whole thing twice. I don't remember seeing anyone else clean the whole thing while I watched - not even on a full-suspension bike. The rest of Horse Thief is
1-6 of 6 Results