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  1. Tandem Mountain Bikes
    Little video we did of a recent ride...
  2. Tandem Mountain Bikes
    I wonder if someone here can help me. The company I work for is getting involved in the development of a unique stationary bike which due to the design will require a chain ring to be mounted on both sides of the bike. We want to avoid making custom parts where possible so my first thought was...
  3. 27.5
    While it may be disguised as a fat bike tandem, the new Drop Fat Prototype is intended to tackle gravel roads and touring (click to enlarge). Over the years we've seen fat bikes dipped in gold or raced across Antarctica, but the latest creation from Santana Cycles might be the strangest fattie...
  4. 29er Bikes
    Some say that marriage is the ultimate act of commitment. But if you're a mountain biker, then you know the ultimate act of commitment is actually riding a tandem bicycle with your significant other! Salsa has just announced their new Powderkeg 29er tandem mountain bike that is the end result...
  5. 29er Bikes
    One of the best known names in the handmade bicycle business, Craig Calfee (Calfee Design) has been building with composites since 1987. His work with tandems spans decades, too. But now, he is taking tandems to a whole new level. Highlighted here, is the Calfee Carbon Fiber Tandem 29er...
  6. 26er Bikes
    We interviewed cycling legend Tom Ritchey and he enlightened us with his 40 years of bike building expertise. He had several things to show including a new Road Logic triple butted steel bike that will be available in late July of this year as a frameset for $1199. Also featured is the 40th...
  7. San-ta-ndem

    Aosty and Impy on a Christmas ride
  8. Keweenaw trail report

    this photo is from the thread "Keweenaw trail report" in the Forums. Click the following link to view the thread:
  9. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Reviewed by Brian Mullin aka Gram and Pastajet INTRO For anyone who has younger kids and bikes themselves regularly, you are always going to hear "When are you going to take me riding?" They don't quite grasp the logistics and difficulty of getting...
  10. Chequamegon trail Makwa ride

    Makwa trail, which is off the Mosquito Brook trail and new one they built this summer. And very nice!
  11. Maah Daah Hey

    At the 1/2 way marker which Charlie is holding up. I guess the didn’t cement it in very well! :-) Note the dark clouds and this day it eventually got cool, windy and some drizzle fell on us. Two days earlier it was 100!
  12. Maah Daah Hey

    This is how one feels riding into Medora after 5 days on the trail and around 120 miles later! Wow what a ride! We had so much fun the year we might return again in September of 09. PM us if interested in joining us.
  13. Maah Daah Hey

    Near the China wall.
  14. Maah Daah Hey

    Rounding the bend on a narrow trail section during the last day before Medora. No it’s not a technical trail.
  15. Maah Daah Hey

    Trail marker can be seen at the top of the hill. These are found at every mile plus at you can always see another to keep you on the trail.
  16. Maah Daah Hey

    More people are riding the MDH trail each year and this photo may give you an idea why.
  17. Maah Daah Hey

    Yes, another vista to see. This was taken during this year’s ride, August of 08. We had so much fun the year we might return again in September of 09. PM us if interested in joining us.
  18. Copper Harbor Ridge trail.

    Copper Harbor ride on the Ridge trail (now called Here We Go?) which overlooks the harbor. This photo might give you an idea why we live here!
  19. Maah Daah Hey, Devils pass

    Descending into the pass. This was taken during this year’s ride which we did in August. We had so much fun this year, we might return again in September of 09 and do it agian. PM us if your interested in joining us next fall.
1-20 of 98 Results