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  1. General Discussion
    America's largest cycling trade show - Interbike - has announced it has selected Reno-Tahoe as its new home starting in 2018. Organizers also announced the newly-created Interbike Marketweek, a weekend consumer festival at Northstar California Resort, which will segue into the trade-focused...
  2. California - Norcal
    TS100 is coming up in three weeks. I pre rode the last 35 miles with another racer last weekend. This is going to be a real mountain bikers race. These are some of the best, most remote, b****'n miles of technical single track in the state. I heard there are still a few open spots Feel free...
  3. California - Norcal
    The girlfriend and a few friends are looking to do a nice camping trip this august for about ten days (leave the 2nd and return to salt lake by the 12/13th) Home for me is New Jersey; grew up riding the tech/rock xc trails of northern new jersey and still love that riding today. I've been...
  4. XC racing and Endurance
    Hey there! Who else is doing the Leadville Qualifier at Northstar in a couple weeks? My first marathon race with two 33ish mile laps! I've done a couple 8 hour races and was on a 4-man team for a 24 hour but I'm sure this will be a little harder with the high altitude :) Anyways, my intention...
  5. OMFG - beer has its costs....

    This happened in Tahoe 10min into a three-day mtb weekend camping trip. The truck was literally high-centered on the Azonic bars and was spinning immobile. The shame; the shame. I wish I could blame beer for this - but it was 9am and actually caused by mosquitoes (in a hurry to backup out of the
  6. Marlette Lake Vista

    Marlette Lake in the foreground. Lake Tahoe in the background.
  7. My 2006 dog team

    My team snubbed to my house and ready to go.
  8. This is the road to the Flume Trail at Lake Tahoe

    This is my dog team in 1999 on the way to Marlette lake
  9. Tahoe View Flume Trail

    Lake Tahoe from the Flume Trail
1-12 of 12 Results